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About Kathua

Information About Kathua in Jammu and KashmirKathua is a historically an administratively significant city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This 2000 years old city is located at distance of 88 km from Jammu city.

Apart from being historical, Kathua is a beautiful place in this paradise. It is also the district head quarter for Kathua. As such, the entire district is dotted with scenic landscapes and some of the most venerated shrines.

It is flanked by Jammu city towards northwest direction while Doda and Udhampur districts lie on its northern side.

Himachal Pradesh surrounds it from east and Punjab from South while it has Pakistan on its western side. It has a strategic location with easy accessibility from all the major cities of state.

History of Kathua

Right from the origin of its name to its present history, Kathua has interesting chronology of events.

Historical Significance of Kathua

Kathua carries the historical legacy of Jammu and Kashmir forward with its ancient temples, magnificent forts and interesting chronological events. All through its history, this region has allured some of the mightiest empires and warriors. Though there is lack of documented evidence of its past, revelations are usually made from the common beliefs and legends. This city is believed to be established around 2000 years back in 1025 AD. It was settled by Raja Jodh Singh belonging to Andotra Dynasty of Rajputs from Hastinapur. He had three sons who founded three villages named as Taraf Manjali, Taraf Tajwal, and Taraf Bhajwal. He migrated to this place and laid foundation of his empire.

Historical Journey of Kathua

Etymology of Kathua

There are two beliefs related to the name of this city. One says that it is named after Rishi Kashyap who took the disguise of a tortoise (Kashua in local language) for meditation. Another belief relates its name to the reign of Raja Jodh Singh. The king had three sons, Kindal, Teju, and Bhaju. They settled their separate hamlets and named them as Taraf Tajwal, Taraj Bhajwal, and Taraf Manjali. These three villages were collectively called as Kathai. With passage of time, it came to be called as Kathua. Later on, descendants of these hamlets became part of Andotra sub caste as Tajwalia, Khanwalia, and Bhajwalia.

Mythological History of Kathua

In some religious inscriptions, references have been made for Kathua as a place where Lord Krishna visited while returning from Jamabant. It is also said that Pandavas visited here during the finishing days of their exile. They stayed in this region and meditated for a long time. The famous Mahabilwakeshwara Temple in Billawar Tehsil of Kathua district is said to be built by them.

History of Kathua

History of Kathua during Greek Invasion

Some historians are of the belief that Kathua is one of the places attacked by the Greek army fighting under Alexander. It is said that while Greeks invaded the hilly regions of Jammu, they found two strong empires existing here. One was the Abhisara Empire reigning over present day city of Poonch and other was Kathaioi, corresponding to the present day, Kathua. Famous Greek historian Strabo defines Kathaioi as a region situated along Ravi in the foothills of Himalayas. He described this empire as a powerful republic whose people represented highest level of chivalry and courage in their fight against strong army of Alexander.

Modern History of Kathua

Due to its close proximity with Pakistan’s border, Kathua has always been an important establishment for Indian Army. During the second half in decade of 1980, militancy attacks began to take place in this region. Peace was soon restored and the situation was back to normal.

Modern History of Kathua

Geography of Kathua

As the northwestern gateway to Jammu and Kashmir, Kathua city has total geographical area of 36 sq km. It is the 6th largest city of Jammu and Kashmir. At an average elevation of 307 meters above sea level, it has three rivers, viz, Ravi, Ujh, and a Khad (river) located along its boundaries. The city itself is located on the banks of a river, called as Khad in local language. This river divides the city into two regions, Orliwand (this side) and Parliwand (other side) of the town. Three bridges connect these two parts of the city.

Geographical Conditions in Kathua

It has sub tropical type climate marked by moderate summers and chilling winters. While summer temperature can shoot up to 41 degrees Celsius, it may fall to zero degrees during winters. It experiences average annual rainfall of 700cm and it has heavy snowfall in the high hilly regions like Bani.

Due to its strategic geographical location, Kathua is a significant region of Jammu and Kashmir. It is, often, referred to as Southern Gateway to the state. It is bordered with Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh towards its northeast, Gurdaspur of Punjab towards southeast, Jammu in western side, Doda and Udhampur in the northern side, along with international border with Pakistan towards its southwest direction.

Geographical Conditions of Kathua

It has location in latitude of 320 17' - 320 55' North and longitude of 750 70' - 760 16' East. The entire district of Kathua has geographical area of 2651 sq km. Majority of land is under agriculture in this district having wheat as the principal crop grown here.

Topography of Kathua

The topography of Kathua can be divided into three main climatic regions. These regions are Kandi, Border, and Hilly areas. The border area falls towards the south of Pathankot-Jammu National Highway. This area has fertile alluvial soils. These topographical features make it suitable for agricultural activities as well.

Topographical Features of Kathua

The second region of Kandi falls under the Shivalik ranges towards the north of the same highway. This area has limited resources for water and it has coarse sand. The soil mainly consists of boulders, pebbles, and gravel in Kandi region. As such, the fertility and agricultural productivity of this region is also quite low. The third region of hills in Kathua is marked by high mountains and rough terrains. It stretches between Shivalik ranges and Peer Panjal ranges.

Kathua is also rich in minerals found in its different parts. Lohai Malhar area has deposits of low grade iron, Basohli has deposits of lime stone and gypsum, and Bani block is rich in slate and quartzide. Other minerals found in abundance here are fuller earth, alum, and bentonite.

Water Bodies in Kathua

This district is inundated by many perennial rivulets that flow from northern to south western direction. Apart from the major rivers forming its drainage system, there are seasonal khads (streams) draining the entire region. The main rivers flowing through Kathua are:

River Ravi

This river rises from Himalayan Ranges and has average length of 55 km running through the district. It has width of 400 meters with Sewa River as its main tributary. The water from this river is primarily used for drinking and irrigating the agricultural areas of district. It also carries the timber from hilly regions of Kathua to its plains.

River Sewa

This river originates from Kali Kundi in the lower parts of Himalayan Ranges. It has length of 125 km in the district of Kathua with Sewa Hydel Project built over it. It also feeds the agricultural land of this region and gives drinking water to many villages.

Water Bodies in Kathua

River Ujh

This important stream rises from middle parts of Himalayan Ranges in Seojdhar. It has length of 65 km and width of 1.5 km running in the district. In the Jasrota Village, a barrage is built over this river. It has two tributaries viz, Naaj, and Bhinni. They also run through Kathua district.

Flora and Fauna in Kathua

Kathua is quite rich in flora, fauna and avifauna. The main trees found in this region are Kail, Khair, Deodar, Oak, and Chir. The city has one forest division and one wildlife division.

Kathua Forest DivisionFlora and Fauna in Kathua

The forest division of Kathua spans over more than 450 sq km. It houses 178 species of plant, 71 species of birds, and 10 species of wildlife. It has three ranges depending upon the territories like Kathua, Jasrota, and Samba. It also has one Check Post, 1 Social Forestry Division, and 1 Soil Conservation Division.

Kathua Wildlife Division

This division has one wildlife sanctuary in Jasrota. This sanctuary covers approx. 10 sq km area and is managed by Wildlife Warden of Kathua. It is situated in Jasrota village along the banks of Ujh River. This sanctuary has numerous varieties in fauna and avifauna. It includes Cheetal, Wild Boar, Jackal, Barking Deer, Porcupine, and Rhesus Monkey. The main bird species found here are Peafowl, Red Jungle Fowl, Green Pigeon, Babblers, Jungle Bush Quail, Wood Pecker, and Black Partridge. It also has many species of migratory birds visiting during the rainy season. These include Pin Tail, Common Teal, Mallard, Common Pochard, Gadwal, and Wigeon.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kathua District

Climate of Kathua

Due to its varied topography, Kathua experiences sudden variations in its climate as well. While some areas have sub tropical climate, other areas experience temperate and alpine conditions. This is mainly due to the altitudinal differences in different parts of Kathua as district. The city area has six seasons and typical climate of sub tropical type. It has hot summers with temperature rising to even 41 degrees Celsius.

Climatic Conditions in Kathua

The winter season has chilling cold with mercury falling to levels of 2 degrees Celsius. During monsoons, the average rainfall here is around 700 cm with heavy downpours. Upper hilly regions of Bani have heavy snowfall ranging for most parts of the year. Hailstorms are common in the months of February and March.

These are the geographical features of Kathua as a city and as a district. These conditions make it quite comfortable to visit throughout the year. They also support the agricultural activities and economy of this region.

Tourism in Kathua

Kathua is one of the most pictorial regions of the state. It has plains on one side and steep hills on the other. The beauty of its magnificent valleys and mystique of its religious places is spellbinding for every visitor. As a city, Kathua offers the blend of modern with traditional. And as a district, it has immense beauty of nature scattered all around. Some of the most popular and enchanting tourist destinations in this region are:

Tourist Attractions in Kathua

  • Jasrota Fort
  • Jasrota Temple
  • Ujh Barrage
  • Mata Sundari Kote
  • Mata Bala Sundari
  • Asha Purni Mandir
  • Peer Chattarshah
  • Sapt Sarovar Mandir
  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha
  • Macchedi
  • Bani
  • Chandel
  • Airwan Temple
  • Bhaddu
  • Panyalag
  • Hiranagar
  • Narsingh ji Temple in Ghagwal
  • Banjal
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Business and Economy in Kathua

It has thriving economy based on industrial development and agriculture. There are many large to medium scale industries situated in Kathua. Most of these industries are concentrated to the Industrial Estate of this area called as SICOP. Chenab Textile Mills of Birla Group is the most significant industry in the district. Also there are some industries in the sectors like cement, cosmetics, iron, electrical, and textiles.

Business and Economy in Kathua

Agriculture is the strongest factor in developing economy of this region. Paddy, Maize, and Wheat are the principal crops grown here. Wheat is also the main food crop in entire district. Apart from these, tourism is also growing at a fast pace in this region. Due to its religious places and natural beauty, Kathua attract hordes of tourists throughout the year. It offers better employment opportunities to the people of this district. Read More Here.

People and Culture of Kathua

Kathua is geographically divided into three regions. These regions hold different topography, demographics, and culture. The diversified culture of this district makes it quite unique and alluring to visit again and again. It has fine mixture of Pahari and Dogra culture. Dogri is the main language spoken here and in some areas, it is mixed with Punjabi as well. Kashmiri and Gojri are other languages prevalent here.

Due to large number of shrines in this district, religious fairs and festivals are celebrated here with zeal. It comes under Jammu region and all festivals of this region are celebrated in Kathua as well. The famous festivals in this region are Holi, Mahashivratri, Lohri, Id-Ul-Fitr, Baisakhi, Dusshehra, Diwali, and Navratris. Organizing of Ramlila is also quite closely related to the culture of this place.

People of Kathua

Like the rest of state, people in Kathua love to dress up in their traditional attires. The region has mixed populace of Hindus and Muslims. As such, the cuisine here includes numerous varieties of vegan and non vegan foods. During the festive occasions, people indulge in music and dance to celebrate these moments.

Art and Entertainment in Kathua

Kathua is also rich in arts and architecture. The most prominent art flourishing here since ages include the Basohli Paintings. These paintings are known for their bold patterns and imaginative styles. Its architectural beauty can be witnessed in its temples and forts. Being a textile city, it has many related items available along with other handicrafts of this state.

Art and Entertainment in Kathua

For entertainment of people, Kathua has many contemporary places sprouting over here. These include amusement parks and malls with multiplexes. Dreamland Park, Bhagat Singh Park, Green City Park, Neeraj Mall, and Moon Light Mall/ Multiplex are some of the best places for entertainment in the city area. With development of city, modern modes of entertainment in print and electronic media are also available easily.

Food in Kathua

multi cuisine restaurants are established along with renowned hotels that provide exquisite accommodations as well. Fast food restaurants are mainly found in College Road area or in adjoining locations. With all these options, eating out in Kathua is quite exciting and fulfilling for the tourists as well. People coming to Kathua are offered with lots of option to dine or to have light snacks to completely enjoy their sightseeing.

Restaurants in Kathua

List of Restaurants in Kathua

Here is given the complete list of restaurants located in Kathua.

Hallmark Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Hallmark, Hatli Morh,
Opposite Bharat Gun Factory, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9419150850
Phone No: 01922 - 207208

Tangri Palace Restaurant
Address: C/O, Hotel Tangri Palace,
At Bank of Ravi Canal,
Near Radio Station, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9419151115
Phone No: 01922 - 233166

Grand Plaza Restaurant
Address: C/O Grand Plaza Hotel, National Highway,
Above Bharat College of Education,
Hatli More, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9796451071
Phone No: 01922 - 232627

Bionic Food Planet
Address: Dream Park Road,
Near Tube Well, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9469750618
Website: www.bionichospitality.com

Hotel Dhamul and Restaurant
Address: Main Bazar, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9419152170

Rattan Palace Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Rattan Palace, NH - 1 A,
Amrit Vihar, Opp. SICOP Hatli Morh, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9858233676
Phone No: 01922 - 237758, 238370

Peer Fazal Shah Muslim Hotel
Address: Ward Number - 8, Near Jama Masjid,
Near Girai Chowk, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9419269881, 8717018786

Shri Ganesh Fast Food
Address: College Road, Near Dream Park, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9622258422

Sharma Fast Food
Address: College Road, Near Degree College, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9815006180

Shiva Cafe
Address: College Road, Opp. Degree College, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9419212865, 9796620480

Gourav Fast Food
Address: Opp. TDS College, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9906314420

Raj Singh Chauhan Fast Food
Address: Near Dream Park, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 8492884693

Raj Fast Food
Address: Shaheedi Chowk,
Opp. Tube Well, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 101
Mobile No: + (91) - 9796803839

Food Restaurant
Address: Mini Sectt. Near DC Office, Kathua
Pin Code - 184 104
Mobile No: + (91) - 9419127427

These are some of the best restaurants located in the region of Kathua. They offer delectable food and wonderful hospitality to their guests.

Demographics and Important Facts of Kathua

Kathua is proximal to Pakistan border. It has made this city an important base for Indian Army. The region has been targeted many times by the militants infiltrating from across the border. Now the peace is restored in this region as well. Now Kathua is the path of progression with impending industries, arts, handicrafts, tourism, and sports. It is emerging fast as a leading city of the state. The demographics of Kathua are:

State: Jammu and Kashmir
District: Kathua
Area: 36 km2
Population: 179988
Sex Ratio: 853
Literacy Rate: 82%
STD Code: 01922
Vehicle Registration: JK- 08
Official Language: Urdu
Elevation: 1007 Ft.

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